The Pipeline Performance Framework

Maximize your
pipeline throughput

Our Pipeline Performance Framework is a designed set of measures that improves your pipeline throughput, performance and efficiency while reducing maintenance costs, thermal issues and blockages.

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Up-to-date KPIs lead to more informed decisions concerning operation, maintenance and readiness for inspection.


Maintenance cost savings

With easily gathered and analyzed data from your pipelines, you are able to identify threats, illustrate the effectiveness of cleaning programs, and therefore increase uptime.


Efficiency improvements

With the implemented measures and conveniently accessible data, you achieve timely decision-making and optimized trend analysis, ensuring immediate efficiency gains.

Are clogged up pipelines
impacting your profits?

When a medium does not flow economically through a pipeline, there is a direct impact on operations and costs. Flow instabilities, thermal issues, blockages and restrictions, containment loss, and operational fluctuations can all affect the safe and economical transportation of media through pipeline assets.

This is why we take a holistic approach to pipeline performance across multiple aspects of operational and maintenance management. We work with you to keep things moving.

Six measures to
maximize throughput

It all begins with an in-depth consultation, followed by data collection and analysis to identify what needs to be done to optimize throughput performance and efficiency gains. This is just the starting point, however. We recognize the importance of quantifying improvement changes through monitoring, reporting and adjusting operational and maintenance parameters to sustain throughput, maintain savings and therefore decrease downtime.

A special feature of our approach to pipeline performance is the flexible application of the six measures. Depending on where the pinch points are in your pipeline system, one, several or all measures of the Pipeline Performance Framework are applied.

  • Measure #01: Situation Analysis & Data Gathering

    Gather all necessary data

    After an initial feasibility study, our specialists optimize the collection of historical and current data about the design and operation of your pipeline system, the product being transported and data on cleaning operations.

    Measure #01 covers:

    • Feasibility Studies
    • Engineering and Consultancy Services

    Highlight service: Engineering and Consultancy Services

    Expertise supported pipeline performance.

    With technical know-how and wide operational experience, our engineers and consultants work directly with you to understand your pipeline system and operations, identifying areas of concern and for potential improvement. Using our in-depth knowledge and experience, we provide targeted solutions that optimize costs and increase performance.

  • Measure #02: Data Assessment & Analysis

    Review and analyze

    Once we have gathered the data, it is then carefully reviewed and analyzed by our experts. All the data is securely stored and then made available in a comprehensive data management warehouse.

    Measure #2 covers:

    • Flow Assurance Assessment and Modelling
    • Pigging Feasibility Studies
    • Cleaning Effectiveness Evaluation
    • Cleaning Tool Design Review

    Highlight service: Flow Assurance Services

    Increase flow and reduce downtime.

    By properly managing and addressing hazards that slow the flow, particularly in aging assets, you can extend a pipeline's operational life by several years. Added to this, using effective management techniques reduces operational downtime, creating greater profitability and an uninterrupted flow. By recognizing and dealing with flow challenges, you can ensure sustained efficiency and maximize your pipeline's potential.

  • Measure #03: Options Identification & Selection

    Identify areas for improvement

    As we go through the process of optimizing your throughput, our experts will take into account changes to your operation, maintenance, cleaning and transportation. From pressure to cleaning, we identify all areas for potential improvement.

    Measure #3 covers:

    • Pigging Feasibility and Optimization
    • Pressure/Flow Management Assurance Assessment
    • Cleaning/Maintenance Program Management Guidance
    • Transportation Management Guidance

    Highlight service: Pigging Feasibility and Optimization Services

    Confidence in pigging and cleaning operations.

    Our Pigging Feasibility and Optimization Services are an integral part of our Pipeline Performance Framework. Our approach to this enables engineered solutions to be proposed with confidence, removing uncertainty and reducing risk. This is why our team’s goal is to assess the costs and risks and ensure the profitability, safety and efficiency of each pipeline asset.

  • Measure #04: Improvement Implementation

    Discuss and implement

    We work closely with your team to define improvements. Using over 40 years of experience, we recommend measures that enhance product throughput, optimize maintenance processes, reduce costs and extend your assets’ lifespan.

    Measure #4 covers:

    • Pipeline Cleaning Services
    • Cleaning Execution Field Support
    • Inventory Management Refurbishment
    • Pigging Feasibility and Optimization
    • Pressure and Flow Management Assurance Monitoring

    Highlight service: Pipeline Cleaning Service

    A clean pipeline is a profitable pipeline.

    A vital aspect of the integrity management of pipeline networks, cleaning is necessary at every stage throughout the lifecycle of any pipeline. Failure to clean your pipeline at regular intervals leads to reduced efficiency and may result in damages that impact its integrity. You can rely on Intelligent Pipeline Cleaning Services backed by our considerable in-house expertise in sensor and data acquisition technologies. By collaborating with us and leveraging our experienced personnel, you can achieve your goals by maximizing pipeline uptime, enhancing product throughput, extending asset lifespan, optimizing maintenance processes, reducing costs and ensuring the success of future ILI inspections.

  • Measure #05: Trend Monitoring

    Monitor trends

    The monitoring of data is essential on your way to maximizing pipeline throughput. Collect, store and readily access pipeline cleaning data. We provide a single, organized repository for all cleaning data, making it far easier to monitor trends and ensure data is never lost – whilst saving time in data retrieval, too.

    Measure #5 covers:

    • Cleaning Analytics Service – Monitoring Implementation

    Highlight service: Cleaning Analytics Service

    Data for timely and informed decisions.

    An integral part of our Pipeline Performance Framework, our Cleaning Analytics Service makes trend monitoring easy. With this service, we can collect and digitally store pipeline cleaning data in a centralized ROSEN online database. The uploaded data is easily accessible anytime, eliminating the need to search through folders or files. It also creates a single, organized repository for all cleaning data, ensuring data is never lost while saving time in data retrieval.

  • Measure #06: Reporting & Visualization

    Report and visualize

    The proper completion of your pipeline throughput optimization project needs appropriate reporting and visualization. Our experts help you to finish this task and show your cost optimization and performance increase in a proper report visualization by using our comprehensive solution for gathering, analyzing, and processing cleaning data.

    Measure #6 covers:

    • Cleaning Analytics Service – Dashboard Reporting
    • Feasibility Studies Review
    • Engineering and Consultancy Services
    • PDL Analysis and Reporting

    Highlight service: Cleaning Analytics Service

    Monitoring & guidance at your fingertips.

    Our Cleaning Analytics Service offers a complete solution for gathering, analyzing and processing cleaning data with a user-friendly app for smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android). A core feature is that data can be collected at the launcher and receiver, even without an internet connection. Then, later on, when a connection is reestablished, the data is uploaded to ROSEN's online database for storage and visualization on a dashboard.


A comprehensive set of measures
to maximize your performance


Increase flow and decrease downtime

Our expertise in pipeline throughput optimization is gathered from decades of exposure to pipeline performance challenges worldwide and supported by our multidisciplinary teams of engineers and consultants. We work together with you in order to improve efficiencies and throughput effectiveness utilizing our Consultancy, Engineering and Technological Monitoring Support and Cleaning Solutions services and competencies.

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